Research & Development

Over 300 proprietary patents and design rights are the results of 10 years’ intensive research and development. We combine scientific innovation with design, function and aesthetics to produce functional, elegant and commercially successful products. At X-Technology, brand development starts at the product development phase. After all, a product is only as good as the idea behind it.

We make innovation our highest priority. Our products are made from our own materials using in-house technology. Consequently our clothing and equipment are unique. We have been able to impress numerous design-award panels and scientific bodies.

  • One example is a hallmark of Swiss quality. The renowned Swiss Federal Material Testing and Research Institute (Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt – EMPA) has tested our products:

100% is just the beginning

Functional food

Top performance at work, top results during sport. X-NUTRIO® is a revolutionary nutrition system designed to help the body cope with these extra demands. Sport nutrition is the intelligent way to guarantee maximum performance for amateurs and professionals alike. Start the day right and fuel up with the required amount of energy at breakfast. Maintain performance during competitions and training by using a reserve gel that can be carried in the pocket. Ensure quick and complete recovery. Swiss sports nutritionists worked together with performance athletes to develop X-NUTRIO® in response to these requirements.

X-BIONIC® Wüstenfuchs Technologie

Our role model: The Desert fox fennec. The desert fox, or fennec, lives and hunts in intense heat where it has perfectly adapted to the hostile environment. Success comes partly because its shiny silver fur reflects heat, and because it can release much of its body heat through its huge ears. This is the inspiration behind our X-BIONI C® Wüstenfuchs Technologie. The exclusive xitanit™ material reflects heat pounding down at you while distributing sweat across your skin to achieve an effective cooling process.

The 37 °CCR Technology™

The body reacts to temperature changes with changes in energy use that drains performance ability. Heat illness and hyperthermia are extreme conditions just like hypothermia that the body guards itself against. Die 37 °CCR Technology™ developed by X-Technology supports the body in its effort the maintain the core body temperature and keep saved energy ready for your athletic endeavors. At 37 °C we feel quite comfortable and are ready to perform. But when we are freezing, our body shuts down blood vessels and causes us to shiver in an attempt to maintain that core body temperature. It's different during activity — the physical activity opens up blood vessels, and the body reacts by sweating. Both conditions drain energy from the body.

X-Bionic Functional Underwear helps the body maintain its optimal temperature longer so you can save valuable energy that you can then expend for performance.

X-BIONIC® Partial Compression

Compression is performance enhancing. Scientific and medical studies have confirmed the advantages of modern compression clothing for training, competition and recovery:

1. Improved oxygen uptake by the muscular system
2. More efficient oxygen consumption by the muscular system
3. Increased muscle performance
4. Faster repair of muscle damage
5. Reduced muscular pain
6. Minimized muscle vibrations

However, full compression can lead to the blood supply to larger areas of skin being partially or completely restricted. This is why X-BIONIC® developed the Partial Kompression. It combines all the advantages of compression clothing, but by using targeted bridge zones instead of full compression. The blood vessels either side remain open for optimal circulation and the natural cooling function of the blood. X-BIONIC Partial Kompression is a new and revolutionary innovation that harnesses the skin’s potential as the body’s largest (temperature regulating) organ. For enhanced performance without doping.