Sales & Distributions

We are experts in sales and distribution networks. Sales and distribution are the keys to establishing a successful product. We develop integrated action plans that combine different sales and distribution targets, strategies and tools. This requires in-depth market analysis, correct assessment of saturation levels and a detailed understanding of the sales potential and behaviour of the target group concerned.

The right contacts. The nature and location of sales and distribution need to be adapted according to the product. A good brand requires the right backup. After all it’s the relationship between a product and its market which determines how and where it should reach the consumer. We know how to select the right specialist sports outlets, train staff and deliver point-of-sale product presentations. We can make sure that a product gets to the customer.

Integrated manufacturing

Attention to manufacturing detail determines the quality of a product. This is why we only work with our production partners on a long-term basis. These are companies with a pedigree, with a longstanding tradition of quality workmanship and who are leaders in their field.

Europe is where we feel at home. We trust in European manufacturing expertise to provide the quality we require. Quicker lead times, better communication and perfect order processing keep costs to a minimum. This enables us to get the right results in the shortest time possible.

Rigorous inspection of prototypes and insistence on consistent samples ensure that our high product standards are complied with. We plan for the long term and expect our production partners to do the same.

IT & web development

The power of the Internet is growing day by day. Online communication is now essential for every company. A brand’s website can make the difference between success and failure.

The World Wide Web is a fast-moving environment. A website needs to hold a user’s attention. A striking design, user-friendly navigation and interesting content are the only way to do this. Providing users can find the site in the first place of course.

We excel in search engine optimisation, concept development, screen design, data base systems, programming and evaluation. In 2009 our websites and both received the red dot design award for innovation, functionality, symbolic and emotional content and intuitive navigation. The sites also won a Dope Award for their Flash-based front end and interfaces.